Day dreaming, hunger pains and a thief {day 3}

31 Days of Writing

Hungry for More Series

I’ve always been told that I’m a dreamer. My dad was a dreamer too, so I’m sure I’ve inherited it honestly.

Dreams either move us toward something we want to see or away from something
we don’t want to see.

My second grade teacher confirmed my day dreaming ability when she told my mom during conferences that I always had my head in the clouds.

in. the. clouds.
a sure sign that it wasn’t dreaming, but daydreaming.

daydreams lull us to sleep
daydreams take us to somewhere else

My sister wasn’t a daydreamer. I tried to help by telling her that all she had to do was pretend that she didn’t care, she would feel better, but it never worked. And maybe she was lucky if she didn’t get caught up in believing that you could make things almost disappear by pretending they didn’t exist.

But not believing in something else doesn’t feel very lucky either.


{This series is my attempt at memoir writing during Write 31 days.  If you want to read the intro to this series, it’s here. Oh, and did I say that I’m crazy thankful for my writing battle buddy?!!}

Day dreaming, hunger pains and a thief {day2}


Write 31 Days

Hungry for More Series

When the first craving hit I was laying with a newspaper sprawled in front of me and the tv tuned in to a competition

my heart began to beat faster
“THIS is what I want to do and where I want to be.”

I looked back at the story I was reading, set in the place I wanted to go.

A pain shot through my stomach. 

My life didn’t feel like a city full of possibilities, filled with lights or people who would cheer for me.

Truth, life was hard.

Broken promises never made and unhealthy patterns wrecked their way through. And every time I hear the word ‘potential’ I cringe inside. I know it’s supposed to mean something good, but to me it feels like a deep wound — one that laughs and reminds me that what’s not tended to doesn’t grow into it’s full potential.

I think this what Jesus meant when he said Satan came to lie, steal and destroy.



The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10 (NIV)

{This series is my attempt at memoir writing during Write 31 days.  If you want to read the intro to this series, it’s here. Oh, and did I say that I’m crazy thankful for my writing battle buddy?!!}


31 Days Series: Hungry for More: processing faith & hard places {Intro – day 1}


{day 4} Daydreams block our vision. God’s dreams give us vision.

{day 3} daydreaming, hunger pains and a thief {day 3}

{day 2} day dreaming, hunger pains and a thief {day 2}

{day 1} day dreaming, hunger pains and a thief {below}


I believe we each have a story that needs to be told …

  • one story that breathes life into your soul.
  • one story that can breathe life into someone else’s soul.
  • one story that can transform generations.

Stories of how you overcame the odds, how you fell apart at the pain, how you pieced together your hard places

and how the light found it’s way through.

once we uncover our story, we need to decide on how we will tell it and then release it.

If I died tomorrow (yeah, sorry for the dramatic intro — I am planning on sticking around for awhile) and answered if I did the job I was put here on this earth to do — this would be part of my story… no matter how I choose to tell it.

Yet, whether we write or not, we ALL tell our stories by the way we live our lives. 

So, I’ve decided to write mine — a little bit of memoir during these 31 days (or less — let’s be real!) as I attempt to put together the pieces of my story and share my heart with you.


<3 Deanna

let’s go.


What looks gone is only hidden until revealed



{I’m turning my morning pages in blog posts. I’ve learned about morning pages from @emilypfreeman. Emily also has a new book coming out soon, Simply Tuesday, where she encourages us to let go of the expectations Monday places on us by celebrating the small and ordinary moments of Tuesday.

I’m letting go of my own expectations of blogging and letting myself lean into the joy of being creative — whatever that ends up looking like. Right now, that looks like morning pages — published every Tuesday in celebration of #SimplyTuesday. Maybe you want to join me and lean into the small moments, small art and small victories of today?} 


Simply Tuesday | Morning Page  

beside the river banks where I’ve landed
a grace-filled momentum flows
by placement or purpose
a place I wouldn’t have found on my own.

shrubs grown over, together
the dry ground too rough
to take my shoes off and run
fast and carefree

I stoop down, looking long on rocks stuck in the dry crusted dirt
fingers working meticulously, loosening sides
to gently lift it out of it’s place

dirt sticks wet underneath
in places that had been hidden
and I search fast
because there’s fresh water hidden in here

I was told, water can’t live in dry places
and you can’t answer questions
by digging in places that you’ve found

where slivers of sun hits
dry paths

I’m not sure whether to believe it’s a sign
yet I breathe in and pray to trust deep
following light that breaks through thick branches

shining on stones
placed by storm or current
one by one
I gently lift
and find
a potbelly underside covered in cool water

what you thought gone is only hidden until revealed again 

what looks overgrown and untended
protected the well beneath
what looked dry and dead
was just a covering

to keep the soil underneath seeped dark in nutrients
needed to make these stones live.