Because we can’t stand until we’ve fallen a few times {day 31} #write31days


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Today was my son’s first day of learning to roller skate in the glossy, wooden rink, rather than on the soft carpet he’s practiced on the first two times.

He has a teacher, one who knows what she’s talking about, but you wouldn’t know it from his fear. I stood beside him the whole class — repeating directions, keeping an eye out for kids flying fast and ready to take us all down, and let him hold on to me long enough for him to get his balance

and then this happens:

you’re doing it. I say as he pushes off the wall
no, I’m not doing it, he says (as he is clearly is not flat out on his behind)
yes, you’re doing it, I repeat
no, no I’m not.
hold onto my hand. (and then you can even hear him growl at me)
Okay, I gotcha, I assure him again

It reminded me how many times I’ve had the same conversation with God. 

Look, you’re doing it, He says
No I’m not… (I’m not good at this, what was I thinking, it’s too hard, I’m too scared)
Yes, look — you’re doing it.
No I’m not (It looks nothing like I think it should, others can do it better, I just can’t do this)
You’re learning.
No, hold my hand (why aren’t you helping me? why didn’t you give me this gift?)
I’ve got you. See?

Do you see yourself too?
It’s not fun to spend our whole lives never taking risks and not living because of fear.

We grow when we learn to stand in today’s strength. 

At the end of our first lesson, we had created a rhythm that he was more comfortable with. He’d skate and hang onto my finger until I started to lift my hand away and let him go. He skated. I cheered. and I never left his side.

Our teacher told us it was OKAY to fall and that we can’t learn to skate without learning how to fall well. 

So, I waited to see him fall..

Waited for him to see how when his legs gave out (and he landed in the position that someone over 40 wouldn’t be able to recover from) that he could still be good. How he could get back up and start again — because he was never moving backward, he was moving forward. 

Yes, we can’t stand in anything that’s worthwhile either unless we’ve fallen down a few times.

Is it time to get back up, friend? <3

The last 10 + books on my Kindle {day 29} #write31days

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I read a lot of books (maybe too many books!) and I’ve been lucky enough to participate in some great launch teams with a few awesome authors, so many of my most recent books have been early releases for review. I haven’t purchased a physical book in awhile, but that’s mostly because my Kindle is loaded up with books (most that I got on sale!)

 So, instead of posting my favorite books, I thought it would be fun to post the last 10 + (plus because 10 didn’t crop nice and 9 wasn’t enough) books on my Kindle.

Here are the last 10+ books on my Kindle.

Some of them, I can’t wait to read. Others I’m reading or finished reading!

Have you read any of the books below?

What’s the last 10 + books on your Kindle?



Because our presence is a gift: subtle ways to love when you don’t want to {day 27}

#write31daysHUNGRY FOR MORE (3)Yesterday I wrote about our inability to do the impossible, to love others who have hurt us, and how perhaps it’s only possible with a mighty work of God. And friend, this is why writing is hard (but you should write anyway) because writing makes us dig deep and uncover parts that are uncomfortable — and hidden

from yes, even us.
Because we all have blind spots, you know. Confessing my blind spots isn’t easy. Acknowledging where I fail just stinks.

I don’t want to let embarrassment or pride keep me from telling myself the truth.

Sometimes we have to dig deep into our past, into our hopes, into our shattered disappointments, and allow this uncovering to unveil our hearts, later our courage and even later, our healing. Mighty doesn’t always mean big. The smallest “Yes” can FEEL like the biggest thing you did this week.

I can be unloving in ways that are so subtle that only I notice. 

You too? Do you notice how easy it is to love most people and not so easy with others.

Yet, I believe we can all love deeper than our last belief or excuse.

I want to wipe away the dirt that covers my own eyes.

I want to catch myself and hold myself accountable to love in the smallest of ways, even when it feels like micro-steps, when I’m hurt.

Here’s a few small ways I can love someone, despite feeling hurt.

Refuse to dismiss the person

I want to radically love, but when someone has hurt me (let’s not even talk about when it’s the same person. more. than. once) then my defense mechanism builds crazy. I’ll throw up the wall. And sometimes, I won’t look at them when they talk. It’s not on purpose really — I just don’t want to give them the power of my presence, my time and my heart. 
Scrolling through our phones, looking at paperwork or flipping through channels, might keep others from seeing what we are doing, but we know. God knows. 

Our presence is a gift. Maybe that’s why it’s the first thing we want to hold back. 

Stay inside the conversation

uh huh, yep, sure — can mean I’ve disengaged emotionally during a conversation, especially if you are that person I’m not wanting to look at already. Simple one word answers can mean I’m not going outside the invisible circle I’ve created. Surface answers are subtle ways we can leave conversations and relationships that are too much and too heavy for us.
None of this means that we shouldn’t draw healthy boundaries. Or listen to our needs. There are times I’m not feeling emotionally strong enough to engage with a person who has hurt me and I need to listen to that too. Be brave and say I don’t have it in me today to be more. And that’s okay, friend. 

Digging deep gives others and ourselves more space for grace.

Sometimes the mightiest work is our smallest yes.

When you need a mighty work to forgive {day 26} #write31days

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There’s a new book sitting on my table ready to be read — and the title “DARE MIGHTY THINGS” by Halee Gray Scott has drawn me since I first saw it. It’s a book about leadership, but depending on the day, it could be about anything. 

Today as I walked by, I thought what if ‘daring mighty’ would be about loving people who’ve hurt us. Because sometimes (often) loving someone who has hurt you and me isn’t easy.

Words, attitudes and looks, that show more than words ever could, happen more than I’d like. And even when I plan to behave, all my plans can just as easily go out the window when faced with the person who hurt me. 

I spent some time writing (which is like praying) and asking for help to love the people in my life who I want to love better. 

help me to love  
because I’ve run out of trying on my own
the well is empty
the hurt too deep to go back now
help me find a cool drink
to restore the weariness I feel
and give me cups overflowing
so I have extra to give to those next to me

And I read it again and I realized that it’s impossible to love those who’ve hurt us without a mighty work of God.

More likely, a mighty work in me.

Instead of doing more, maybe I need to trust more.
Trust that I don’t have to love in my own strength.

I know one who is mightier. One who can give me the wisdom of a gentle answer, enable me to speak kindly of someone who has spoken unkind words of me, and give me eyes of compassion. One who will let me know when I’ve given my all and that loving myself is the mightiest thing I can do.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. Eph. 3:20


I’ve been practicing memoir during 31 days. I’m still piecing together the foundation I started this month, but I’m at the place where I want to sit with some of the story and wrestle with it for a bit. So, this last week, I’m winging it and hoping to finish out the rest of week, well.. writing. :)

{This series is my attempt at memoir writing during Write 31 days.  If you want to read the intro to this series, it’s here. Oh, and did I say that I’m super thankful for my writing battle buddy?!!} is celebrating YOU with a $500 DaySpring shopping spree. To enter, just click on this link & follow the instructions. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

A few of my favorite resources on writing and memoir:
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Find Your Writing Voice, Allison Vesterfelt 
Compel Training — Words that Move People, Proverbs 31 Ministries
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