“Jesus adores you. It’s healthy to cry. Nothing is more important than…”

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I’ve heard our lives are better when we have these three friends in our lives: a  christian mentor, a friend who is on a similar journey, and a friend who isn’t quite as far along in her walk that we can mentor.


Mentoring helped change the direction of my life.

I was ready for God to make big changes in my life.  Through my mentor, He provided a friendship that would help me grow and stay on course. I’ve learned so much over the years, that helps me run my spiritual race, I thought it would be fun to share some with you!


What my mentor taught me about myself, others and God

-          The right question, asked at the right time, can take a friendship from zero to 100.

-          It’s healthy to cry. Really.

-          Jesus adores us.

-          No one is above the need for flat-out-on-your-face-prayer

-          Praying in secret can include blanket tents and flashlights if you want it to

-          Nothing is more important than a daily time with Jesus.

-          We make time for what’s most important to us

-          Give away things that are attached to past relationships that we shouldn’t be attached to anymore

-          Even if we aren’t gifted for singing, sing loudly anyway

-          Feeling sorry-for-ourselves-temper-tantrums are no longer acceptable when we are past 2 spiritually

-          It’s okay to be sad, hurt, angry… just don’t live there

-          When you find your specific purpose, it will excite-you-like-crazy

-          If we never get what we want, Jesus needs to be enough

-          Christian women look the youngest, at any age

-          People are always, always more important than things

-          There won’t be dust in heaven (ha, this is probably specific to my mentor)

-          Not one sin is ever above God’s grace

-         We all have the ability to commit the sins we read about in newspapers – the only reason we don’t is Jesus

-          Healthy boundaries are always healthy

-          Pouring into others will have challenges.

-          Our rewards might come on this earth or they might come in Heaven

-          God watches over us when we sleep

-          He puts people in our lives sometimes for a time, a season and sometimes forever

-          Gucci aside, we are all called to lifestyle mentoring

-          Pedestals are too tall – even for short people

-          The Bible is either true or it isn’t

-          There are no coincidences with God

-          If Jesus wants you to have it, he will give it to you

-          Growing can be painful

-          Growth can include practical things like organization, time management, etc.

-          Great mentors have the patience equivalent to JOB

-          That Jesus believes in us more than anyone else

-          Seeing what Jesus sees in others comes before growth

-          Mentoring Is Circular — It should continue with the mentee becoming a mentor

-          There is no room for gossip or jealousy in friendships, bible studies or our lives

-          Teaching others to lead, speak and use their gifts builds everyone up

-          A great spiritual mentor points others to Christ, more than pointing to themselves

-          Thinking, talking & planning for eternity should. be. exciting. (not morbid!)

-          Whatever we need in Heaven (animals, chocolate, books… yay!) will be there — if it’s not, we will never miss it   :)


Do you have a mentor who has made a difference in your life?   What would you add to your list? 


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