Master The 12 Essentials of Church Communications


Why Communication Matters

I spent a few months working at a local church near where I live.


This church is doing GREAT THINGS.

For instance, when I was working there I found out that this church…

  • Assists people in its local community with food, gas or emergency shelter
  • Houses a stocked food pantry
  • Provides free or nearly free fun events for hundreds of children & families in the community
  • Provided over 1000 Thanksgiving meals for local people in need
  • Gave Christmas presents to hundreds of children and familes
  • Adopts and supports ministries and missions


These may seem simple and natural for many churches – but for the person who walked in off the street, it could have been a game changer. When I learned just how this church handled the desperate person at their door or on their phone, it was a game changer for me too! 

Communication Creates Connections

Churches, we are want to hear WHAT you do and WHY you do it!

I don’t need to tell you I stopped writing this blog post to take my neighbor to visit a very ill friend (unless I’m making a point) because it’s probably won’t help you understand me better – but there are specific things – that your ministry should be communicating to your members, neighbors and community to build relationships.

What you say communicates what you care about and why you do what you do.

Communicating Your Mission and Message

I’ve been following Church Communication Strategist, Tim Peter’s blog on branding and communications for awhile.  I think it’s one of the best blogs on church and ministry communications, and his information is a wonderful resource for people who are passionate about church communications.

Tim recently created the church communication training resource Sayge Resources to help ministries create and share messages.  He shares these important 12 Essentials communication practices that he believes churches need.

The 12 Essentials of Church Marketing and Communications are

Vision Identification
Vision Identification is clarifying who you are, what you do, why you do it and where you are going. You will receive very specific instructions and exercises to achieve clarity on your vision.
Guest Experience
Your first-time guest experience is critical to guests returning to your church, and possibly to any church.  The great part is you can improve any experience and we will give you the ultimate experience evaluation checklist to make improvements.

Social Media
Learning to use social media to reach the lost and to extend the influence of the church isn’t just a good idea; it’s a must.  The key to social media is interacting with your audience through great content and conversations.  We will give you an easy-to-use content calendar to develop and distribute content.
Brand Standards
Brand Standards are the compilation of documents where you articulate your key communication messages, establish a visual identity and explore ways to protect your brand.  Your church will receive a Brand Guide to help you create your very own Brand Standards document.
Communication Strategy
Your communication strategy helps you determine what, when and how you will communicate.  The development of a communication strategy is critical and we will give you a template to develop a compelling strategy.

Project Systems

Andy Stanley says, “The systems down the hall trump the vision on the wall.” If you don’t have systems in place, standards and strategy mean absolutely nothing.  You will receive practical methods and customizable project management system templates.

Web Essentials
Today’s church visitors will most certainly check out your church on the Internet before they attend for the first time. Your website should be a web experience, not just a website.  You will receive case studies and critical evaluation tools to help maximize your web experience.
Audience Connection
Ever been disconnected on the phone but not realize it until you have finished speaking?  Then you understand the importance of making sure you are connected to your audience. We will give you customizable focus group agendas and surveys to connect with and learn from your audiences.

Volunteer Mobilization
You have an army of creatively gifted people who attend your church every week. Learning to recruit, train and mobilize them will catapult your communications ministry to levels you never dreamed possible.  You will receive volunteer job descriptions and master lists on how to recruit and train volunteers.

Creative Leadership
Creative people are not easy to lead and motivate.  Understanding how to lead creative people, and those in authority over you who lack creativity is critical.  We will equip you as leader with practical ways to lead with meeting agendas, exercises and tips.

External Marketing
Most churches make the same marketing mistakes: the message is not unique; the content is not inviting; and there’s no long-term strategy in place. If that description fits your church’s marketing, it’s time to make some changes.  You will receive over 50 practical and relevant ways to market your church.

The good news is, you don’t need hours of research, big budgets and countless cups of coffee (ok,… maybe you will always need your coffee!) to master The Essentials of Church Communications.


The Sayge monthly training contains the wisdom of some of the greatest church communication leaders in our nation today. Each month you will receive a coaching video, comprehensive eBook, and hands-on application tools to help you master the 12 Essentials of Church Communications – at a great price.



Check out Sayge if you’re ready to take the next step in your Church or Ministry Communications


What’s the most challenging part of ministry communications?  Let me know in the comments! 

  • Margaret Feinberg

    Deanna, so informative. Thanks for sharing.

    • Deanna

      Thanks!! I think Tim always shares relevant and helpful information on ministry communication!